Voi collaborates with Flare to elevate micromobility safety standards and rider experience

July 26, 2023

Micromobility operator Voi integrates Flare technology to improve rider safety

We are thrilled to announce our new global partnership with Voi, the leading micromobility platform. With this collaboration, we're taking our commitment to rider safety to unprecedented heights, and we can't wait to share the amazing benefits it brings to you!

Enhancing Rider Safety: Voi's 2023 Safety Report highlighted that 5.45 major and severe accidents occurred per million kilometers ridden on rental e-scooters and e-bikes. With the integration of Flare's SDK into the Voi app, swift and accurate detection of significant rider events becomes possible. This empowers Voi to take proactive measures to further enhance rider safety and support riders in the event of a serious incident.

Data-Driven Safety Initiatives: In partnership with Flare, Voi will anonymously analyse and share incident data with local authorities, contributing to the design of safer streets and improved infrastructure for all road users. This data-driven approach reflects Voi's commitment to promoting safer micromobility experiences for its riders and the wider community.

Visibility on the Flare Aware Network: Flare's innovative Flare Aware network acts as a pre-warning system, alerting large vehicle and fleet drivers to the presence of vulnerable road users (VRUs). By making all Voi vehicles visible on the network, the collaboration aims to raise awareness among drivers, reducing the risk of incidents. Drawing from Statista's data, it's evident that, 'over 38% of all road accidents in Great Britain were caused by the driver or rider not looking properly.' This collective initiative will will play a significant role in promoting safer roads.

Shared Vision for Safer Micromobility:Charlie Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer at Flare, expressed delight at partnering with Voi, a company that shares the commitment to improve rider safety and road risk understanding. The collaboration ensures that every Voi rider benefits from Flare's incident detection technology, while all Voi vehicles contribute to the expanding Flare Aware network. The focus on improved safety aligns with the growing demand for enhanced safety measures within the micromobility industry.

Soff Razavi, Head of Road Safety at Voi, echoed the excitement about the partnership, emphasizing how Flare's advanced safety technology will detect and prevent accidents, providing Voi riders with a safer experience.

Conclusion: The partnership between Voi and Flare marks a significant step forward in transforming safety standards within the micromobility sector. With a shared vision for safer and sustainable urban transportation, the collaboration sets a new standard for protecting riders' journeys. Together, Voi and Flare are creating a safer future for micromobility, inspiring other industry players to prioritize rider safety as a top priority.

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