Real-time incident detection & alerting for you and your loved ones

Imagine you could know if a loved one needed help, immediately.

Busby turns your mobile phone into an intelligent incident detection sensor for free. Know that you and your loved ones are safe at all times, and receive real-time alerts if any incidents are detected! It's that simple!​

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"..could well grow to become the highest impact road safety innovation since the introduction of the seatbelt."

Get Busby for FREE

Great news! Busby is now available on IOS & Android app stores.

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We're Award Winning

User Feedback

Sarah H, IOS

"I was out riding last weekend and was involved in an incident. I was unconscious for a little while but busby recognised the incident and sent a message to my emergency contacts of my exact location straight away. Help arrived really quickly without me having to do anything. Thank you Busby! Highly recommend this app to anyone!"

Artjom, Android

"Highly recommended. I went out for a long training ride and had an accident when I fell off my bike in the middle of the countryside. It notified my Mum who knew exactly where I was and was able to help me thanks to these guys."

Samantha, IOS

 "I have two children, one has recently started learning how to ride his bike and my eldest has started playing out on her bike with her friends. I have downloaded Busby on her phone. It gives me peace of mind that she has additional safety whilst out on her bike.
As a parent, it's a no brainer.."


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