Flare partners with The Bike Insurer to enhance Safety for Motorcyclists

November 9, 2022

Leading motorcycle insurance price comparison firm, The Bike Insurer, has joined forces with Flare to increase the safety of UK bikers. The partnership reflects the two companies’ aligned values and shared interest in improving riders’ biking experience by providing additional peace of mind in the event of an incident. improving the ongoing value of life insurance policies for customers.

In order to provide enhanced safety to all of The Bike Insurer's valued customers, Flare is pleased to offer 12 months of Flare Premium. When bikers have access to Flare, they will have powerful, smart incident detection, allowing them to quickly deploy award-winning user protection when they need it most.

With unrivalled, easy-to-use features, Flare will allow end users to take their safety on the roads to the next level. Flare proactively notifies riders as soon as it detects that they might be involved in an incident or crash to ensure their safety. When no response is detected, Flare automatically notifies the riders' emergency contacts. This reduces risk levels and potentially minimizes the impact of injuries, as well as providing faster response times.

“This partnership clearly demonstrates how innovation and safety can benefit bikers and the wider motorcycling insurance sector,” said Kirk Ryan, Co- founder & CEO at Flare. “The Bike Insurer recognises that riders are safer when using Flare, therefore bikers can save on their insurance policies and also share their live rides with friends and family.”

Ed Bevis, Commercial & Marketing Manager for The Bike Insurer, comments “We’re delighted to be partnering with Flare, whose technology solutions are ensuring that bikers up and down the country enjoy extra peace of mind in the event of an incident.”

“The combination of The Bike Insurer and Flare means safety and insurance just got simpler for bikers. We are pleased to take this step forward with Flare and our product offering in the motorcycle insurance sector.”
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