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December 5, 2022

Electric eBike company, Denago has partnered with Flare, the world’s leading two-wheel incident detection, incident prevention and personal safety system with a goal of creating a safer environment for Denago eBike consumers.  This partnership reflects the two companies’ aligned values and shared interest in improving the eBike experience while providing additional peace of mind in the event of an incident.

A free 12-month subscription to Flare will be included with all Denago eBikes starting this December. Denago eBikes are available through Denago’s network of 50+ independent local bike shops across the United States, as well as their online retail partner,

With Flare's unique, easy-to-use features, riders will be able to enjoy an extra level of security while riding Denago eBikes. Flare proactively alerts vehicle drivers to Denago eBike riders' presence, which greatly reduces the risk of accidents. Should an incident occur, Flare automatically notifies the riders' emergency contacts, providing their exact location. As a result, risk levels are reduced, injuries may be minimized, and response times are faster.

The Denago eBike community can benefit from Flare's world-leading technology by rapidly implementing award-winning user protection when it is needed. As a result of Flare's unique, easy-to-use features, Denago's end-users will be able to push their safety even further. In turn, risk levels are lowered, injuries are minimised, and response times are reduced, resulting in people getting help faster than ever. This is what Flare offers to global food courier companies like Deliveroo and Just Eat. Over 280,000 active users are protected by Flare with world leading confidence.

“Our goal is to provide our Denago eBike customers the best possible experience from their purchase to their first ride and beyond.  Partnering with Flare has given us that opportunity to provide our customers around the country the extra peace of mind when riding their Denago eBike,” Denago eBike CEO Dave Duecker stated.

Charlie Wilson, Head of Partnerships at Flare says “We are delighted to partner with Denago ebikes, our first eBike partner in the US. EBikes are opening up the world of cycling to a wider audience. As an invaluable resource for all things ‘eBike’, is a natural partner for Flare in our mission to make all outdoor activities protected from incidents and hazards.”

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