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Flare is available in the App Store and Google Play store.

Detect Incidents

Flare monitors the sensors in your phone for crashes and falls.

Get help fast

Once an incident is detected, you'll have 30 seconds to respond.

Help is on the way

If you're unresponsive or activate an SOS, your live location is shared with all of your emergency contacts.

“Offering powerful insights for operations teams, offering peace of mind for loved ones and minimising risk for insurers.”
James Duffy
Founder and COO
“At Deliveroo, riders safety and well-being is our absolute priority. Partnering with Flare allows us to offer extra protection for riders out on the road, including being able to offer incident detection, which links to our dedicated rider team who are on hand to help riders and make sure they feel supported at all times.”
Christina Lewis
Global Rider Partnerships and Engagement at Deliveroo
I am delighted to work with Flare on such an exciting and new road safety project which has transformed the way vehicles and their drivers can avoid the hazards presented by vulnerable road users. I am sure it won’t be long before Flare is the default road safety device to be fitted in all commercial vehicles. Can you afford not to be involved?!
Beverley Bell, CBE

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