Welcome to Busby

We started developing Busby after our friend and co-founder Barry was knocked down by a van whilst training on the roads. 


Busby is free and offers unique features such as incident detection and easy to use near-miss reporting.

How Does It Work?

Busby monitors the sensors in your phone in order to automatically detect incidents like a crash or a fall.

If you have an incident the following happens..

If You Have An Incident

If (God forbid) you are involved in an incident, Busby gives you 30 seconds* to move or respond. If there is no response your location is sent to your emergency contacts instantly so help can arrive quicker than ever before.

*Custom time can be specified*

What Happens Next?

Once the countdown timer has passed, your location is sent via SMS to your chosen emergency contacts. Your location is sent using our partner,  What3Words.

What3Words can give an exact 3m x 3m location anywhere in the world. So Busby.. can work anywhere.

Busby is FREE.

However, some users want more than 1 emergency contact in case of an incident. For us to do this it costs us money. As a small team of 3, we need to keep the lights on.

If you would like up to 5 emergency contacts and better discount offerings within the Busby Hub page there is a £1.99 per month charge.

How Much Is It?

Coming Soon..

We are incredibly proud to have developed and launched Busby on IOS and Android App Stores in October 2019, saving 3 lives so far!

Whilst it is fun to look back at the past, we are even more excited about what lies ahead - in the next 6-12 months, you will see innovative new features that push the boundaries of cycling and road safety even further.

2019 has just been the beginning.

We are inviting you to join us on our journey as we build Busby into a brand that truly means something to people.

Have you ever had a cycling incident?

We'd like to hear from you and see if there is anything more we can do to prevent incidents like yours in the future.

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