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Welsh Cycling and Busby Partnership

Welsh Cycling announce Busby as new partner

Welsh Cycling are pleased to welcome Busby as our official Incident Detection partner.

Launched in 2019, Busby is a safety app which offers unique features such as incident detections, incident prevention and easy to use near-miss reporting. So far it has helped save the lives of three people on UK roads. They have recently celebrated launching Busby 2.0 with further exciting features added.

The app is free to download on either the Google Play or Apple store and over the course of the partnership Busby and Welsh Cycling will be working on some exciting projects and offers for our members.

Commercial Director and Co-Founder of Busby, James Duffy said: “Our partnership with Welsh Cycling is a big leap for the evolution of Busby. We launched our beta version last November and Busby has saved 3 lives since its inception. With the launch of Busby 2.0 this August and our new patent pending features such as Busby Flare, RoadRadar and the upcoming GroupRide we aim to push the boundaries of cycling safety even further. We are delighted to offer Welsh Cycling members the safety they deserve!”

Welsh Cycling’s Commercial and Partnership Manager, Mark Allen said: “Announcing Busby as a partner is great news for us. We believe the app can be a great virtual companion for our clubs, groups and members and will help keep them safe whilst riding.

“The team at Busby are constantly developing the app and the latest update has some great features. The app has a lot of potential and over the coming months we are excited to share further news about how Busby can keep you safe,” Mark continued.

Busby has also partnered with What3Words and St John Ambulance, so if an incident occurs the user's location is sent using What3Words which gives an exact 3m x 3m location. If the user is still conscious, they will also see the St John Ambulance 10 safety steps to ensure they are in the safest possible place whilst help is on the way.

For those already or thinking of commuting to work, or our clubs, groups or members looking for some extra safety as they resume cycling activities the Busby app has features which can be used.

Busby will let your loved ones know if you’ve had an accident

As well notifying the emergency services of your location, Busby will also alert your loved ones of any incidents meaning they will be able to see your location and will be able to offer support.

Busby Group Ride feature

GroupRide allows your club to create small/medium/large sized cycling groups and set a maximum radius around the group. If a rider goes outside the set radius, then the whole group receives a notification to either slow down or turn back and help.

Busby Flare

Quite often cyclists have incidents, whether that be a fall, a puncture or a crash. Busby can detect all of them. If a cyclist hasn't had a serious incident but has a puncture or just needs help, they can send out a Busby Flare.

This then alerts surrounding partnered bike shops, mechanics and users (within 5-10 miles) that a cyclist needs help nearby. A chat window will appear and the cyclist can speak directly with the nearby Busby user, mechanic or store and let them know what they need and arrange for help to go out to them with any required parts.

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