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"Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You"

Not another helmet blog!

There are few subjects in cycling as polarising and, at times, inflammatory as the helmet debate. For as long as we can all remember, opinions have been lashed backwards and forwards from medical professionals, professional cyclists, policymakers and bloggers, each pointing out the flaws in the others’ arguments.

Doubtlessly, for race situations, organised events and even work (couriers etc), helmets will always be mandatory for insurance and duty of care but for utility cycling, helmets can often be a burden. Also, less of a concern but helmets can be seen as ‘uncool’ within some demographics.

One of the main reasons we might choose to wear a helmet is the perception of danger. The next six words would have been heard by almost anyone who’s used the roads on a bike:

'Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You'

Having been involved in a number of ’SMIDSY’s, the idea that someone can simply drive a vehicle into you because they haven’t looked (or been unable to by vehicle design) is frankly, TERRIFYING.

People might point across the North Sea to countries such as The Netherlands and Denmark with a more ‘people-centric’ approach to transport and remark on their lack of helmets for daily ‘utility’ cycling but the fact is, we’re a long way behind them in terms of cycling infrastructure. If you’ve been, you’ll see the roads and streets are designed in a way that makes cycling the logical choice, often forging the most direct routes and are nearly always separated from motorised vehicles.

Conversely, in the UK even now, roads are built without provision for cyclists, often putting us into conflict with motor vehicles.

How can Busby Help?

Clearly, given all the benefits, something else is needed to make our roads safer. This is where Busby comes in!

Busby offers several industry-first safety features, some soon to be released, that we believe will revolutionise our roads.

Firstly, whether helmeted or not, if you were to have ‘an off’, you and your family will have the peace of mind that Busby will detect the incident and inform your loved ones, and even send your exact location! This is invaluable, whether you have a serious incident or just bruised pride, Busby is there for you.

Soon, drivers of both commercial and private vehicles will receive advanced notification that Busby users are nearby, greatly reducing the likelihood of a ‘SMIDSY’.

To wrap up

We feel the talk of helmets is, at best, a distraction from the ongoing pursuit of safer transport for all. There needs to be some unity as the division sparked in the ongoing debate plays into the hands of those who’d seek to legislate us off the roads with helmets, insurance and ‘road tax’ (one for another blog!)

One thing is clear; the introduction of laws making helmets mandatory has a catastrophic effect on levels of participation so we’d be against that. The net benefit of cycling to society is simply too great an opportunity to ignore.

At Busby, we have seen and experienced the problems first-hand and we stand together with all road users, this is why we continue to offer our industry-first Platform for FREE.

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