Increase safety and reduce risk for your policy holders



Electronic first notification of loss for vulnerable road users to ensure help gets to your policy holders quicker than ever before.



Precise incident data 5 seconds before, during and after an incident.

Reduce Fraudulent Claims

Fraudulent Claims

Reduce fraudulent claims by encouraging users have Flare on when they're active with auto start/stop. We can confirm genuine incidents with incident telemetry.

Policy Holder Communication


The ability to communicate with your policy holders throughout the 12 months with in-app notifications.

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for Vulnerable Road Users

Flare's automatic incident detection algorithm will provide eFNOL for insurers. Notifications can go to email, SMS or Webhooks such as Slack/Teams.

We will also automatically send a pop up message to the policy holder 5/10/60 minutes after the incident asking if they're ok. If they are not ok, to email/phone you.

Post incident telemetry

Flare Incident Timeline.

Flare monitors the sensors within the policy holders phone. We see everything from time, location, G-force sustained, RPM, photographic evidence and more. Everything is documented and provided in an 'incident pack' to support the claim process.

Flare also pre-fills your claims form with precise real-time incident data which means the claims process can happen within minutes of an incident occurring. 

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Reduce Fraudulent Claims

Insurers can reduce fraudulent claims by offering Flare as a policy holder benefit. If the policy holder has an incident with Flare on, they can have zero or a reduced excess fee as we will provide the incident pack.

If they have an incident without Flare, they will have to pay the excess charge. 

Incident Prevention

RoadRadar connectivity.

Flare users are connected to vehicle drivers through RoadRadar. This enables drivers to be notified as/when a Flare vulnerable road user is in a dangerous proximity. Raising driver awareness, reducing risk and preventing any human error.

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smart start

Smart Start

Flare can automatically start when a user is active so they don't have to press start/stop. This can also open the door for on-the-go insurance.



Flare users are rewarded for each active minute by earning Sweatcoins which can be spent within the marketplace.

Happy customers

Customer Satisfaction

Automate messages to policy holders when they have been involved in an incident 5/10/60 minutes or 24/48 hours after an incident.

re-skin Flare

White Label

Re-skin Flare with your own brand and colouring.