Employee benefit

Encourage cycling or walking to work whilst also providing safety and rewards through Flare

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Encourage a healthier lifestyle

Encourage your employees to get out and get active.
With Flare's activity tracker employees can be motivated to become more active, which in turn leads to higher productivity levels, improved mental and physical well-being.

Running Outdoors

Cycle or Walk to and from work

Drive environmentally friendly commuting.

The leading reason for people not cycling to work is safety concerns. With Flare, we put a protection halo around all users and offer loved ones peace of mind. 

Commuting to Work
Running Outdoors

Rewarded for being active

Flare rewards users for being active via Sweatcoin.
For each active minute users earn sweatcoins which they can then spend within the marketplace on exclusive discounts or goods. 

Priceless peace of mind for staff members and their loved ones

With Flare, loved know users have additional protection whilst they are out on the roads. They can keep their mind at peace knowing that if (god forbid) something bad happens, Flare will be there for them rather than their loved ones having to constantly keep looking at their live track location.

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smart start

Smart Start

Flare can automatically start when a user is active so they don't have to press start/stop.

As soon as they leave their home in the morning to when they arrive to work, they will have additional protection around them.



Flare users are rewarded for each active minute by earning Sweatcoins which can be spent within the marketplace.

app SOS

Flare SOS

If a user doesn't feel safe at any moment, they can discreetly send up a live tracking link to their emergency contacts. 

Their 5 emergency contacts will receive their live tracking link via SMS.

white label

White Label

Re-skin Flare with your own brand and colouring.